Our transmission team has extensive experience in green field and brown field designs to facilitate growth and maintenance for our clients’ infrastructure.

To sucesfully deliver the engineering designs and required upgrades for our clients, advanced design software is employed by our specialists to model the transmission lines, which have included provisions for ice loads, wind, sagging, and galloping.

The technical expertise of the team has enabled ZE Power Engineering to deliver transmission services under unique and challenging circumstances due to the nature of remote hydro generation, dramatic landscape, and climate conditions in Canada. This has led us to build strong relationships with our clients and assume an owner’s engineer role for multiple projects, in order to reduce overall risk, maximize opportunies, and deliver services that meet their expectations.

Other Transmission Services:

  • Thermal rating studies
  • Detailed engineering design using non-linear analysis (PLS-CADD)
  • Route selection
  • Power line construction support
  • Structure design
  • Foundation design
  • Design using different materials (wood, steel, and FRP structures)
  • Design and pole maintenance
  • Hardware specification
  • Grounding protection
  • Lightning protection
Project Example

BC Hydro Transmission Program

Overview:  The BC Hydro Transmission Program includes the maintenance, replacement, and line designs of transmission structures in multiple regions of British Columbia with different topographies. ZE Power Engineering has executed and completed the design for 1,000+ structures ranging from 69 kV to 287 kV for the BC Hydro Transmission Program. This program includes the pole replacement task where we provide detailed design and recommendations for replacements.

Thermal studies are another task that are a part of this program. Here we do a full analysis of lines to determine if any clearance violations are met or exceeded and provide expert recommendations.

Project Example

Richmond Steel Line Transfer

Overview: The Distribution End of Life (EOL) Program is designed for the maintenance replacement of several types of BC Hydro distribution assets. Over the history of this program, ZE Power Engineering has performed the design for 12,000 + units. This includes maintenance replacements for poles, transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, manholes, reclosers, switches, underground feeder replacements. Additional requirements include engineered non-standard designs and civil engineered designs for underground replacements