Project Examples

Thermal Uprate of Five Transmission Lines

Overview: The project required engineering services, project management, and construction management of Thermal Uprate for five transmission lines: 2L75, 2L76, 2L77, 3L14, and 3L15 for BC Hydro. After reviewing the thermal rating studies and preliminary design for modifications done on these existing transmission circuits, ZE Power Engineering developed a procurement plan, construction plan, and risk assessment plan, as well as estimates and a schedule for the implementation phase to modify seven distribution crossings and one transmission crossing. The objectives of the project are to ensure safe operations of the transmission conductors operating at a temperature of up to 90°C and to address and correct structures and hardware deficiencies indicated in STARR, the transmission maintenance database.

Duration: May 2013 – Ongoing (expected completion in 2015)

Services: Project Management, Transmission, Distribution

Total Project Value: $1.0 million

Transmission services offered by ZE Power Engineering include new transmission line designs and upgrades to existing infrastructure to facilitate load growth and maintenance. Given the Northwest presents unique design challenges due to nature of remote hydro generation, dramatic landscape, and climate that characterize the region, ZE Power Engineering delivers transmission services up to 500 kV respecting utility design standards and accommodating situational uniqueness.

Route selection
System studies
Structure and foundation design and analysis
Overbuilt and underbuilt line design
Line uprating studies
Pole relocations
Conductor, hardware and insulation specification
Lightning protection
Standards development