Overhead design, underground ductbank design, feasibility studies, structure modeling, voltage conversion, and route selection services are provided by our distribution experts to facilitate and complete required upgrades.

The distribution designs delivered by ZE Power Engineering have covered a variety of complexities under different landscapes and climate conditions, including the North-West Region of British Columbia, using specialized engineering solutions for non-standard applications. These flexible designs provide recommendations on equipment specifications that improve operations and support construction that complies with safety standards.

Our distribution team understands that successful distribution projects incorporate operability, constructability, and safety as key requirements. We ensure that standard practices are applied to each design to meet all site conditions and client-specific needs.

Other Distribution Services:

  • Condition assessments
  • Structure design
  • Equipment specification
  • Grounding
  • Protection and control
  • System planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Voltage conversions
  • Protection coordination
  • Substation and feeder diagrams
  • Equipment warehouse and sizing

Project Example

BCH EOL Distribution Program

Overview:  The Distribution End of Life (EOL) Program is designed for the maintenance replacement of several types of BC Hydro distribution assets. Over the history of this program, ZE Power Engineering has performed the design for 12,000 + units. This includes maintenance replacements for poles, transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, manholes, reclosers, switches, underground feeder replacements. Additional requirements include engineered non-standard designs and civil engineered designs for underground replacements.

Project Example

BCH Pole Replacements

Overview: Over 11,000 pole replacement designs have been completed under this program, as well as pole removals, engineered pole crossings, and non-standard pole replacement designs. This program has granted ZE Power Engineering an in-depth and varied experience in the renewal of overhead distribution wood and concrete poles, and the transfer or replacement of attached equipment. Other services in this program include overhead design, non-standard engineering design, protection coordination.