Corporate Background

ZE Power Engineering Inc. is a leading engineering firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Established in 2001, the company has been serving the electrical utility industry with transmission, substation, distribution, underground residential distribution, and project management services. The team’s integrated expertise and industry experience enable the company to provide reliable and cost-effective designs and solutions. ZE Power Engineering’s growth and success is due to its continual effort to deliver quality services to support and extend capabilities.


To continue to be recognized as a leading regional engineering firm dedicated to providing an integrated scope of services supported with the ingenuity of industry experts.

Guiding Principles

ZE Power Engineering operates under the following core values and aims to cultivate a strong company culture to support its continued growth and success.


Uphold values of honesty, respect and trust, reflected through the company’s actions and commitment to clients.


Develop skills, creativity and knowledge to foster growth and create exceptional solutions that exceed the expectations of clients.


Excel in all aspects of engineering and project delivery through dedication, perseverance, and expertise.


Value individuals for their contributions to the team and welcome their diversity, ingenuity and ideas.


Develop sustainable and practical solutions that align with the ideals of sustainability and protection of the environment.


Ensure the company represents the values of communities through its continuous efforts to be a positive social contributor.

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